See the northern lights

Ah yes, the famed northern lights, aka aurora borealis, can certainly be found in Norway. You’ve seen the Instagram posts, and now it’s time to see them for yourself in person. It’s a truly unique Nordic experience and is highly recommended to check out.

If you find yourself in a southern part of the country, such as Oslo, you will unfortunately not be greeted with nightly shows from your balcony. To see the northern lights you need to go, surprise surprise, far up north. Although at certain times northern lights can be seen just a few hours’ drive from Oslo, it’s best to go all the way to the top, specifically the Tromsø or Alta regions.

The best time to see the northern lights is between the beginning of September and mid-April every year. It takes both a bit of planning and some good luck to see the lights. So be sure to give yourself a few days or longer to have a few attempts. Things such as overcast skies can limit your visibility, and much like many things in Norway, the weather can be unpredictable.

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