Becoming Norwegian

What does it mean to become Norwegian? You’ll get different answers from different people. For many it’s just a matter of being content with what you have. You have a good and secure job. The government takes good care of the people. The bus is always on time. Just appreciating these things could make one Norwegian to some extent.

To really become Norwegian though (I’m talking born with skis on your feet and oil running through your veins Norwegian) is not something most foreigners can achieve. Many would even say you don’t really start to become Norwegian until you’ve lived here for ten years or more. Truthfully, it does take about that long to really belong in Norway.

There are, however, a few things you can do to become just a little more Norwegian. With the homogenous culture you find in Norway, becoming Norwegian is more about just becoming more like everyone else.

Becoming Norwegian

How to become a Norwegian by doing these things.

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