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As the saying goes, “misery loves company” and you won’t find any better company than your fellow countrymen and women. Not only do they speak your language (literally), they can really help you as you adjust to life in Norway. And the best place to find them even before you make the move is on Facebook, specifically within Facebook groups. There is an “expats in Norway” Facebook group for just about every country of origin, and they tend to be very active, not to mention full of people who are willing to help a new arrival. They, of course, were in your shoes at some point and understand some of the challenges of moving to Norway.

To find them, simply open Facebook on the web or mobile app and search away. Using some variation on the below search terms will help you find your tribe. Join the group and don’t be shy. However, before you ask a question to the group it’s recommended to search the group for previous posts that might cover your own question. Thanks to this book, you should also already know most of the basics.

“Americans living in Norway”

“British Expats in Norways”

“Expats in Oslo”

What is a Facebook Group?

A Facebook group is a digital community or forum within the Facebook platform where users with common interests, goals, or affiliations can connect, share information, and engage in discussions. Groups can be public, private, or secret, with varying levels of visibility and access control. They serve as a space for like-minded individuals to interact, exchange ideas, and collaborate on various topics, ranging from hobbies and support groups to professional networking and social causes. Facebook groups provide a platform for users to build and strengthen online communities around shared interests.

Preparing for Norway

Get ready for your move to Norway by preparing and better understanding these things.

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