Go to syden!

At the risk of taking a third section of this book just to tell you get more sun, I have one more sun-related survival tip. And this is perhaps the best survival tip of them all. That’s because when it comes to surviving life in Norway, sometimes the best thing you can do is get the hell out of the country.

This is what millions of Norwegians do each year, several times a year, but especially in the summer month of July. That is to go syden, which basically means to go south. Typically, this involves a trip to Spain, a favorite vacation spot for Norwegians, but it can also include places such as Greece. Even getting down the to southern Sweden is considered going syden. Just anywhere south, and by default, anywhere south can only be warmer and have more sun than Norway.

It’s strange to me that in July, the only super sunny month in Norway, most Norwegians leave the country. Although as you’ve hopefully learned by now, when it comes to getting sun you need to maximize every opportunity. Norwegians will always understand this, and having a nice tan from your trip to syden is one way Norwegians show off to their friends. It’s a subtle way to brag that you traveled and have the sun-kissed glow to prove it.

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