Buy a Tesla

If you really want to get around like a true Norwegian, you’ll need to get yourself a Tesla. You’ll notice almost immediately that Teslas are *everywhere* in Norway. Their arrival was a bit of a perfect storm, here’s why.

The Tesla embodies many of the same attributes as the Norwegian. They’re well designed, slick even. They’re environmentally friendly. Finally, they allow you to signal you have some wealth, without being too braggy about it. All of the above could be said when describing Norwegian culture itself.

On top of that, in Norway Teslas were some of the most affordable cars you could buy. You were given huge tax breaks and a reduction of road tolls, which could save you thousands of kroner per year. Some of these sweet deals have expired now, but nevertheless, Norwegians caught the Tesla bug, and they dominate the road.

Not ready to buy your own Telsa? You can also rent them out short-term from a Norwegian company called Getaround (Formely Nabobil).

Click the below button to get 200kr off your first ride.

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