Buying a Tesla in Norway

If you really want to get around like a true Norwegian, you’ll need to get yourself a Tesla. You’ll notice almost immediately that Teslas are *everywhere* in Norway. Their arrival was a bit of a perfect storm, here’s why.

The Tesla embodies many of the same attributes as the Norwegian. They’re well-designed, slick even. They’re environmentally friendly. Finally, they allow you to signal you have some wealth, without being too braggy about it. All of the above could be said when describing Norwegian culture itself.

On top of that, in Norway Teslas were some of the most affordable cars you could buy. You were given huge tax breaks and a reduction of road tolls, which could save you thousands of kroner per year. Some of these sweet deals have expired now, but nevertheless, Norwegians caught the Tesla bug, and they dominate the road.

Tesla made its official entry into the Norwegian market in 2013 when it introduced the Model S. Norway, with its robust incentives for electric vehicles, was an ideal choice for Tesla’s first European venture. The Norwegian government had already established a wide range of EV-friendly policies, including exemption from high import duties and taxes, access to bus lanes, and reduced tolls.

The Model S made a big splash upon arrival, offering a high-performance electric sedan with impressive range. Norwegians, known for their love of innovation and sustainability, embraced Tesla’s electric cars, setting the stage for the company’s long-term success in the country.

Immediate Popularity

The Model S quickly gained popularity among Norwegian consumers, with its sleek design and groundbreaking electric technology. Norway’s EV incentives, including reduced registration fees and exemptions from road tolls and parking fees, further sweetened the deal for Tesla buyers. This led to a rapid increase in sales, with Tesla becoming the top-selling car brand in Norway by 2014.

Expansion of the Supercharger Network

Tesla’s success in Norway was also fueled by its commitment to infrastructure development. The company invested heavily in expanding its Supercharger network, ensuring that Tesla owners could charge their vehicles conveniently across the country. The network’s expansion made long-distance travel in a Tesla a practical reality, enhancing the appeal of electric cars for Norwegians.

Model 3 and Beyond

In 2019, Tesla launched the more affordable Model 3, which attracted a broader range of consumers. This move further solidified Tesla’s position as a leader in the Norwegian EV market. The Model 3 quickly became one of the best-selling cars in Norway, thanks to its combination of performance, range, and competitive pricing.

Sustainable Transport Goals

Norway has set ambitious targets for sustainable transportation, with a clear focus on reducing carbon emissions from the transportation sector. The government’s incentives, such as reduced road tolls and access to bus lanes for EVs, remain a significant driver of Tesla’s popularity.

2025: The All-Electric Goal

In 2025, Norway aims to become the first country in the world to end the sale of new fossil fuel-powered cars. This bold initiative is expected to boost Tesla’s presence in the country further, as consumers and businesses look for all-electric alternatives to traditional vehicles.

Challenges and Opportunities

While Tesla has enjoyed enormous success in Norway, the company faces challenges as well. Increased competition from other automakers entering the EV market and changes in government incentives may impact Tesla’s future in the country. Nonetheless, Tesla’s strong brand, ongoing technological innovations, and expanding product range position the company well for continued growth in Norway.


Tesla’s journey in Norway is a testament to the country’s commitment to sustainable transportation and Tesla’s ability to provide innovative electric vehicles that resonate with Norwegian consumers. With an ambitious all-electric goal set for 2025, and continued investment in EV infrastructure and incentives, Tesla’s presence in Norway is likely to remain strong, helping the nation further reduce its carbon footprint and foster a more sustainable and environmentally friendly transport system.

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