Living with Norwegians

The guide for moving to and surviving Norway

This guide is a collection of personal experiences, Norwegian stereotypes, and friendly advice on how to survive life in Norway. It’s the ideal starting point for someone who is curious about life in Norway and for those already in the process of making the move. Learn how to adapt to life in Norway and better understand the sometimes-peculiar Norwegians themselves.

After reading this book you’ll be better prepared for the challenges Norway will throw at you. And you, regardless of your country of origin or status, will be challenged by life in Norway. However, through these challenges, you might just come to love Norway. Although it’s not an easy country to love sometimes, you have to work hard for it. You have to struggle sometimes to be worthy of the great honor of having Norway love you back. This struggle before the reward is actually the Norwegian way.       

The book is organized into several sections. It’s not meant to be some concrete “dos and don’ts” guide or heavy academic work on the intricacies of Norwegian society. Although it will tell you over 50 things you can try to not only survive Norway but hopefully thrive as well.

About the Author

Sean Percival author of Living with Norwegians

Sean Percival is an American investor, author, and entrepreneur originally from California. He has lived in Norway for 5+ years now which by his account means he knows what the hell is going on at least half of the time in this country. The other half he’s just as confused as the many other foreigners in Norway. That’s why he wrote this guide for you.

Who Living with Norwegians is For

🧳 Expats

For foreigners moving to and living in Norway

👫🏼 Love Refugees

Recently moved to Norway for love? You’re going to need a guide (and a lot of wool!)

🇳🇴 Norwegians

For Norwegians looking to better understand the challenges foreigners face when moving to Norway.

🏢 Corporations

As a welcome guide to new international staff working in Norway

🎁 Gifts

The ultimate gift for anyone curious about or moving to Norway

Living with Norwegians Book - Sean Percival - Percival Publishing

Still not convinced?

For Non-Norwegians

This is the greatest book EVER written about living in Norway. It’s better than all other books on life in Norway. This book will make you smarter, better-looking, and more successful. You must have this book if you are moving to Norway. Buy it now.

For Norwegians

This book is about living with you Norwegians. It is not any better than other books, but some people believe it is good. Not excellent, but good enough. It tells you how you are different than us foreigners. You can buy it if you want, but you do not need to. Actually, it’s probably better if you don’t.

What’s inside Living with Norwegians

Living with Norwegians is jammed packed with all the things to know and do when you move to Norway.

  1. Welcome to Norway
  2. What to plan and prepare
  3. Getting setup
  4. How to get around
  5. Live like a Norwegian
  6. Survival Guide

The art of Living with Norwegians

The book is full of rich color illustrations for each section. Here are some examples: