Celebrate May 17

If there’s one day in Norway every year that is everyone’s favorite, it is without a doubt May 17 (syttende mai) aka National Day (Nasjonaldagen). It’s a day to celebrate the signing of the Constitution of Norway on May 17, 1814. This signing stopped Norway being ceded to Sweden, and instead it became an independent kingdom. As you can imagine, the Swedes are still a bit salty over that one, and the Norwegians couldn’t be happier about that.

So there is much celebration every year on May 17. The day can start in fabulous fashion with champagne for breakfast. From there the Norwegians put on their bunader, traditional Norwegian outfits, and head to the town. There you’ll find many happy (and slightly drunk) Norwegians enjoying the day. You’ll also be treated to a children’s parade (barneparade), a long line of cute kids wearing bunader and waving Norwegian flags proudly.

Be sure to get some ice cream that day as well, and after all that fun (and champagne) you’ll probably be in bed by 6 p.m.

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