Getting Around in Norway

One thing that I’m still impressed by to this day is how easy it is to move around Norway. And you might think this is not such an easy country to navigate, being so long and with ever-changing terrain. However, Norwegians are explorers, so it’s perhaps not too surprising there are many, many ways to journey through the country.

Those landing in the capital city of Oslo will have no shortage of modes of transportation. From trikken (the tram), to T-banen (the subway), and bussen (the bus). On top of that, there are many players offering bikes, electric scooters, and whatever else can fit into an app. Oslo itself is a shining example of what all the hipsters call “urban mobility,” which just means you’re not going to spend half your day stuck in traffic.

For those in smaller Norwegian cities, don’t worry, you won’t be left walking. Any city of a decent size will also have several transportation options, although the smaller the city, the more likely it is you’ll need a car.

And finally, for those brave souls trying to survive in rural Norway, first of all my condolences. Second, check with your local kommune (local county), because even in the middle of nowhere, the state tries to provide some options.

How to Get Around Norway

Here is how you can get from point A to point B in Norway using several different modes of transportation.

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