Getting your Vipps on

As you start to explore Norway, you’ll hear the Norwegians making a cute little sound asking about “Vipps?” They’re not asking for a candy but instead talking about the payment app Vipps, from Norway’s largest bank DNB. However, you don’t have to be a DNB customer to use Vipps because it works with all banks. That makes it easy for friends to request and send money to each other regardless of their bank. Pretty much all Norwegians use Vipps, from little kids to sweet old grandmas selling wool sweaters.

Once you have your Norwegian bank accounts set up, download the app to get started. Note that you might have to set up a new app store account based in Norway. This includes adding a Norway-based credit card to your account.

The app itself is simple and straightforward. It works well in Norway because Norwegians don’t like to owe others money. In fact, Norwegians don’t like to have debt (even a small amount) to anyone or any business. This can make them uncomfortable, while at the same time it’s also uncomfortable for them to ask for money. Enter Vipps, the easy way to both request or receive money. It’ll even send you subtle reminders, so you never again forget you owe Jonas NOK150 for a beer last weekend.

A Brief History of VIPPS

VIPPS, short for “Vippe-til-vippe,” which translates to “peer-to-peer,” is a product of the Norwegian financial group DNB (Den Norske Bank). It was first introduced as a peer-to-peer payment app, allowing users to send and receive money easily between friends and family. The app quickly gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface and the trust associated with the DNB brand.

Features and Functions

  1. Peer-to-Peer Payments: VIPPS simplifies transferring money to friends and family. Users can connect their bank accounts to the app and send or request money with just a mobile phone number. This feature has significantly reduced the need for cash transactions and checks.
  2. Online and In-Store Payments: VIPPS is widely accepted for both online and in-store payments. Users can make purchases in physical stores by scanning QR codes or entering a mobile number. The app also supports online shopping, allowing users to check out securely and swiftly.
  3. Bill Payment and Invoicing: VIPPS enables users to pay bills and invoices with ease. Users can scan barcodes on bills to initiate payments, making it a hassle-free way to manage monthly expenses.
  4. Loyalty Cards and Coupons: The app also serves as a digital wallet for loyalty cards and coupons. Users can store all their loyalty cards in the app and access special offers and discounts from various retailers.
  5. Bank Account Integration: VIPPS is closely integrated with various Norwegian banks, enabling users to check their account balances, monitor transactions, and transfer money directly from the app. This comprehensive integration streamlines financial management.
  6. Charitable Donations: VIPPS allows users to donate to charitable organizations, making it simple to support various causes with a few taps on the screen.

The Impact of VIPPS

VIPPS has had a profound impact on Norwegian society and the way people manage their finances:

  1. Reduced Cash Usage: VIPPS has significantly reduced the need for cash transactions, making it more convenient and secure to handle payments.
  2. Increased Financial Awareness: With easy access to account balances and transaction histories, VIPPS users have a clearer picture of their financial health.
  3. Support for Local Businesses: VIPPS has become an essential tool for local businesses, helping them accept digital payments and compete with larger retailers.
  4. Charitable Giving: The app’s charitable donation feature has made it more accessible for users to contribute to worthy causes, supporting the Norwegian spirit of giving.
  5. Digital Innovation: VIPPS has spurred further innovation in the digital payment industry in Norway, with other apps and services attempting to capture a share of the growing market.


VIPPS has become an integral part of daily life for Norwegians, offering a convenient and secure means of handling financial transactions. Its success is rooted in the app’s simplicity and the trust that comes with being associated with DNB, one of Norway’s largest financial institutions. As VIPPS continues to evolve and add new features, it will likely remain a central player in the digital payment landscape, shaping the way Norwegians interact with money in the 21st century.

Getting Settled in Norway

One you arrive in Norway here is a few things to start getting setup so you can get settled.

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