Preparing for Norway

Before I get started, let’s get through some of the more boring and practical things. If you’re already living in Norway, you can probably skip ahead. For everyone else new to Norway, it’s important to know that Norwegians love to plan. They create a plan for the plan and backup plans for both plans. I’ve personally sat in meetings for work where the whole purpose was to plan a future meeting. When it comes to preparation and planning, Norwegians love it almost as much as cross-country skiing.

Personally, I don’t mind planning, but at the same time my favorite quote is

“Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face.”

Mike Tyson

However, this is not how the Norwegians work. It’s all about reducing risk, even if that means lots of planning before you do anything. You also need to make sure there’s strong consensus in every part of life. Everyone must be on board and must have reviewed the plan, agreed to the plan, not agreed on a small detail, agreed again on the plan, and then finally, set up a planning meeting to get started.

So do as the Norwegians do, and let’s start preparing and planning for life in Norway.

Preparing for Norway

Get ready for your move to Norway by preparing and better understanding these things.

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