Dressing like a Norwegian

By European standards especially, but even by American standards, the Norwegian dress code would be considered informal and casual. In Norway it’s less important to display one’s wealth through fashion than you might see elsewhere. That’s something only the Swedes really do here in Scandinavia.

You’ll also notice Norwegians incorporate a lot of black and dark colors into their outfits, enough to make even a high school goth kid jealous. The typical Norwegian outfit may consist of black on black on black with a splash of gray. This is actually part of the overall Scandinavian fashion aesthetic. Many have tried to explain why, but it probably comes down to the fact that tall gorgeous blond people simply look fabulous in all black.

If you’re coming from a warmer region (so about 90% of the planet), please allow me to introduce you to your new best friend . . . wool! This tried and true material is your key to surviving the cold Norwegian winter.

Finally, you may see Norwegians wearing athletic gear even when not exercising. That’s because they are probably on their way to do just that or at least they want to give the impression they are.

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