BankID: A way to validate your identity on Norwegian government and banking websites.

Brunost: A brown cheese (although typically a by-product of cheese production) considered an important part of cultural identity for Norwegians.

D number: A temporary resident number given to new arrivals. It’s like a personal number used by a Norwegian citizen.

Dugnad: A social and volunteer culture activity where neighbors or colleagues get together to improve something together.

DUF number: A way to track your application through UDI for work and resident permits.

Fjord: Its basic meaning, “where one fares through,” has the same origin as the verb fare (travel) and the noun ferry. The narrow canyons with steep sides called fjords were formed by giant glaciers slowly moving across the land and carving these paths.

Kvikk Lunsj: The Norwegian version of a KitKat bar. You eat these with your Norwegian colleagues after a good cross-country ski. Norwegians just love milk chocolate!

Hytte: A Norwegian cabin and where Norwegians go to relax and get away from things.

Janteloven: A social concept where individual success is discouraged and, in many cases, considered inappropriate.

Julebord: Literally meaning the Christmas table, it’s a holiday dinner with friends or colleagues where everyone eats and drinks way too much.

Kahoot!: A Norwegian quiz game with catchy music that is often played at school and social events.

Koselig: Being cozy is something Norwegians enjoying doing and make ample time for. Often this is something as simple as lighting candles and reading a book.

Nachspiel: The Norwegian after party that can go very, very late into the evening or next day.

Syden: Meaning “to go south,” it’s something Norwegians do often to travel and get more sun.

Vipps: A peer-to-peer payment app used by almost all Norwegians that makes it easy to split bills and pay friends without the awkwardness of having to ask for money.




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