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There is a bit of an unwritten rule in Norway that goes like this. If there are more than ten Norwegians in a meeting room, classroom, or auditorium . . . you must Kahoot!

What is Kahoot!?

Well, it’s a fun quiz game you can play in a group with just your phones. Millions and millions of people Kahoot! every week at school or work. If you haven’t heard about it, ask your kids.

While the game is played all around the world, it’s extra popular in Norway as it was built and launched by Norwegians. So there’s an extra pride in playing Kahoot! in Norway. On top of that, because of Norwegians’ shy nature, they often use games or quizzes in social settings. It helps them get to know each other better and avoid their worst fear . . . having to make small talk.

Birth of a Learning Phenomenon

Kahoot! was born in 2013 in Oslo, Norway. The brainchild of Johan Brand, Jamie Brooker, and Asmund Furuseth, the platform was created with the aim of making learning engaging, interactive, and fun. The team’s vision was to transform the traditional classroom experience and empower educators and students alike.

The Kahoot! Experience

Kahoot! is an online learning platform that offers a range of interactive features, primarily the creation and use of educational quizzes and games. The platform allows educators and students to create and participate in quizzes, surveys, and challenges, turning learning into a game-like experience. With its intuitive user interface and lively design, Kahoot! quickly caught the attention of educators looking for innovative ways to captivate their students.

The Kahoot! Growth Spurt

Kahoot! gained momentum swiftly, primarily through word-of-mouth recommendations from teachers impressed with the platform’s ability to engage and motivate students. The platform’s accessibility and user-friendliness were pivotal in its rapid adoption.

The Power of Play and Competition

Kahoot!’s success lies in its gamified approach to learning. The live, competitive aspect of Kahoot! games, where students can participate individually or as teams, adds an element of excitement to the learning process. Students answer questions on their devices, earning points for correct answers, all while the results are displayed in real-time on a shared screen. This dynamic approach has made learning a more participatory and enjoyable experience for students.

International Expansion

As Kahoot! continued to grow in popularity, it expanded beyond Norway’s borders. The platform’s global appeal led to millions of users worldwide, including educators, students, and even corporate trainers. It is used in a variety of educational settings, from K-12 classrooms to higher education and corporate training programs.

Going Public

In 2019, Kahoot! went public on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The company’s successful initial public offering marked a new chapter in its growth, enabling further development and expansion of the platform.

Constant Innovation

Kahoot! has never stopped evolving. The company has introduced a range of features and offerings, including Kahoot! Plus, Kahoot! Academy, and Kahoot! Poio, catering to diverse educational needs and audiences. Its adaptability and commitment to enhancing the learning experience have been central to its continued success.

The Impact of Kahoot!

Kahoot! has transformed the way educators engage with students and has had a profound impact on the learning experience. Its influence extends beyond the classroom, as the platform has also been adopted by organizations for training and team-building activities.


Kahoot! is a testament to the power of innovation and the positive impact it can have on education. From its humble beginnings in Norway to its global reach, Kahoot! has redefined the way people learn and engage with educational content. It serves as a shining example of how technology can be harnessed to create interactive, engaging, and enjoyable learning experiences that benefit students and educators alike. As Kahoot! continues to evolve, it remains a symbol of the limitless possibilities in the world of digital education.

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