Make tacos on Friday night

At some point in the 90s Norwegians were introduced to tacos, and the love affair has only grown and grown over the years. A major driving force of this is Taco Friday, or tacofredag. Every Friday across the country Norwegians get together to make tacos. It’s estimated that each week, at least 13% of the country is doing just this.

Originally introduced to Norway by the USA, the tacos here take several forms. Often using a soft burrito instead of a hard corn shell, they can best be described as “TexMex,” which is slightly different from traditional Mexican tacos. Along with that you can expect very little spice and, for some unknown reason, cold corn added to everything.

It’s a well-beloved tradition in Norway and a great opportunity for social dinners. If you’re lucky enough to get an invite to tacofredag from a Norwegian, be sure to accept it. This might be your best chance to get to know them.

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