Getting to know the glory of duty-free

As you’ll quickly learn, in Norway things are damn expensive. On top of that, the tax is high on pretty much all goods. And while many Norwegians will tell you they enjoy paying taxes because they get so many good social services as a result, there’s one place where they truly enjoy skipping out on taxes. That place is the duty-free store.

Found at major airports such as Gardermoen in Oslo, the duty-free store sells just about everything you can imagine, from beauty care products, to candy, and of course, tobacco and alcohol. The last two are especially popular goods to purchase because you’ll save a significant amount, in some cases almost half of what you would typically pay within Norway.

So this is your chance to stock up, and stock up is what Norwegians do at duty-free. It’s almost a comical scene to see them with arms full of their beloved treats. Jet lag be damned, everyone who wants to get a good deal makes time to shop duty-free before they pick up their luggage.

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