Welcome to Norway

“Welcome to Norway!”

This is a phrase I often heard after arriving in Norway. At first, I didn’t quite understand the saying, perhaps taking it too literally.

“Yes, I’m here, and thanks, I do feel welcome,” I would think to myself.

Over time I would come to understand that these three simple words best captured the Norwegian experience for a foreigner like myself. For us, things are just a little different here.

“Let’s go jump in that freezing cold fjord!”

—Welcome to Norway!

“It’s Friday so we must make tacos! With cold corn!”

—Welcome to Norway!

“A popular Norwegian TV station once broadcast an entire eight-hour train ride. It was watched by millions of Norwegians.”

—Welcome to Norway!

Yes, Norwegians are unique, proud, and incredibly special. The country has a rich history that includes many periods of hard times well before the good times the modern Norwegian enjoys today. This history has shaped the way Norwegian society operates. If you were to look at just about any world report on the status of the various countries, it would appear that despite some peculiar ways of doing things, everything is working very well in Norway.

One could go on and on about all the positives of life in Norway. But this book isn’t an attempt to try to sell you on the country. Chances are if you’re reading this you’re already here or you’re about to make the move. In either case, you’re in the right place.

This book is instead a collection of tactical tips and observations I’ve made over the years living in Norway and with Norwegians. My hope is that they can help us better understand each other and perhaps make it a bit easier to get used to life in this unique country.

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