Sleeping with Norwegians

Norway’s greatest importer of foreigners is not immigration or job placements but love itself. And there’s no shortage of ridiculously good-looking people to fall in love with here, even if it’s just for one night. If you’re reading this book, there’s a high chance you already have. For those without a Norwegian to call their own, this can make it tough to survive the loneliness of Norway. Especially during the wintertime.

If you are, however, lucky enough to sleep with a Norwegian, or two, or twelve during your adventures, there are a few social norms to understand. The first is that casual sex is fairly prevalent both in Norway and throughout the Nordic countries. So slow down there, tiger, and try to avoid falling too head over heels in love after just a single hot night under the sheets. There’s a high likelihood that the experience, as passionate as it might have been, is taken less seriously by your Norwegian partner.

When it comes to sex and relationships Norwegians also seem to do things backward, at least compared to my own culture. They normally sleep with you a few times *before* they decide if they want to date you. In America, you would usually go on a few dates first and *maybe* get lucky.

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