Rules for using an elevator in Norway

Many of the same rules that apply to public transportation in Norway also apply to using an elevator. The rules are perhaps even more important here because of the very confined space of the elevator.

Norwegians, you’ll find, are slippery fish. In most social and even work situations, they always want an escape route, a way to get out of a conversation or awkward moment. Herein lies the problem when it comes to using an elevator. There’s no escape.

So, help keep a Norwegian’s stress level low by following these simple rules for elevators in Norway:

  • If there are already three in an elevator, take the next one.
  • While standing in the elevator, look straight at the door.
  • Do not block the buttons or offer to push buttons for others.
  • Do not say goodbye when others depart the elevator, just look at your shoes until the door closes again

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