Know the mountain weather rules (fjellvettreglene)

My last survival tip can save your life, and that’s not the start of another bad joke. There is actually a set of rules that all Norwegians know called fjellvettreglene, or the mountain weather rules. While the nature of Norway is no doubt beautiful, it can also be dangerous for us non-Vikings if we don’t know what we’re doing. We’re not just talking about going out on a small hiking trail in a government park. We’re talking the real deal and, quite literally, out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere nature.

So since the 1930s the Norwegian government has shared some rules for the mountain. They have gone through a few iterations, with the last updated version of the rules being published in 2016. Get to know them know and be prepared for the inevitable mountain climb you’ll be invited to in Norway.

The Mountain Weather Rules

1. Plan your trip and report where you are going.

2. Adapt the trip according to ability and conditions.

3. Pay attention to weather and avalanche warnings.

4. Be prepared for storms and cold, even on short trips.

5. Bring the necessary equipment to be able to help yourself and others.

6. Make safe choices. Recognize avalanche-prone terrain and unsafe ice.

7. Use a map and compass. Always know where you are.

8. Turn in time – there is no shame in turning around.

9. Save energy and seek shelter if necessary.

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