Get care packages sent from home

Missing something special from back home? Foreigners will find they miss the smallest things when they can’t easily find them in Norway. Typically, these are food items, or as we call them back in the USA, comfort foods. But they can even be something as small as a certain ingredient or just a specific brand you like. In these cases, the best way to get these items to Norway is through a care package from homies.

Unfortunately, you’ll find that it’s expensive to ship items from pretty much anywhere in the world to Norway. We basically live up in Santa’s neighborhood, and at least he has those reindeer to get around. For the rest of us everything takes a *long* time to get shipped up to Norway. You’ll help your friends or family members by encouraging them not to mail large or heavy boxes your way. It’s best to optimize for the lightweight things you miss.

Furthermore, it’s important to know about how customs (toll) work in Norway. Let me sum it up for you: it’s a complete pain in the ass and expensive. This country loves to tax things so much, they even tax candy from Grandma coming into the country. Tell friends and family members sending you care packages to write multiple names on the package to split the tax liability between more people. On the customs declaration they should say the items have low value or write “GIFT” in big black marker.

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