Become an atheist (or at least act like one)

Norway is often described as one of the world’s most secular countries. Only about 2% of Norwegians attend church regularly. I guess when your ancestors had ancient gods like Odin and Thor, it’s tough to get excited about some new guy. On top of that, most Norwegians would rather spend their Sundays hiking, going to the hytte, or just getting koselig.

So, religion does not make for a big part of most Norwegians’ lives. In fact, it’s better not to bring the topic up at all. Especially at work. You will, however, notice there are many religious holidays in Norway. Most Norwegians won’t know why exactly it’s a holiday, but nevertheless they’ll enjoy taking the extra time off. Norwegians who don’t consider themselves very religious will also participate in religious ceremonies such as a confirmation or baptism. The country is dominated by Lutheran Christianity with 68% of the country belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway. That number is deceptive though, as newborns are automatically registered as part of the church. You actually need to go online to opt out of inclusion.

It should be noted that while Norway is not a very religious country, it is a very tolerant country for religion. Everyone has the freedom to practice any religion they choose. It’s just more of a society that does so privately.

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