Try snus

If you spend any time in Norway, you’ll notice locals putting small white packets in and out of their mouths. This is called snus, or tobacco packets. It’s very popular, especially with younger Norwegians, and in many cases more popular than even smoking. It’s also popular in Sweden where today most of the snus is produced.

It’s a terrible and addictive habit and should be avoided at all costs. That being said, if you do enjoy tobacco, you’ll probably enjoy snus as well. It’s akin to smoking two or three cigarettes at the same time. You get a massive kick and don’t even have to stand outside or get that smoke smell on you. It’s also nearly impossible to stop, so proceed with caution.

But you will earn a few integration kudos from Norwegians if you give it a try. Make sure they don’t encourage you to try the really strong snus after a night of drinking. You’re certain to pass out in this case, or worse . . .

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