Test Norway a few times

You’ve been reading all the articles about the high quality of life in Norway. You’ve been browsing Instagram looking at all the wonderful Norwegian nature porn of the northern lights. Perhaps you know someone who knows someone who won’t stop raving about their great life in Norway. And like many who move to Norway, you’re probably also looking for a fresh start or at least an upgrade to your current life. However, before you jump headfirst into the fjord there’s something you should know.

Moving to and surviving Norway is not easy. In fact, it’s quite difficult.

All that shimmers on those Instagram posts is not gold as it turns out. While moving and adjusting to any new country can be tough, Norway is especially challenging. This is evident in the way Norwegians inquire when they first meet you by asking directly, “Welcome to Norway! Do you plan to stay?” That comes off as especially rude to a new arrival. So much for feeling welcome, right? They ask this because they have seen many foreigners before you try to live in Norway and fail. Truth be told, many do not even last their first year.

You’ll learn more in this book about how to survive life in Norway, but before you do make that leap you absolutely should do a few test visits just to be sure. There are many little challenges that add up when it comes to adjusting to life here. Best to be both prepared and certain that you’re ready for such a change. It’s also recommended that you do one of these trial visits during wintertime. Because if you can make it through even a single brutal Norwegian winter, you’re probably already half the way to surviving Norway.

To get a good overall picture of life in Norway, I recommend visiting not just Oslo the capital city but a few other major cities such as Bergen and Trondheim. Along the way to those cities you’ll also get a chance to experience some of the many smaller villages of Norway. And of course, treat yourself to some of that delicious Norwegian nature porn you’ve seen so much of.


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