Setting up a Norwegian cell phone

Norway is a highly digitized society. A cell phone isn’t just important for staying in touch; it’s a critical tool for navigating the country and using various services. Your cell phone from your home country is likely to still work in Norway. However, you also risk running up a large bill or having limited access to mobile data. So you’ll want to get your SIM card swapped out with a local Norwegian provider soon.

If you’ve already established your residency and have a D number, then you can start a new cell phone plan with any of the major providers. If you’re still in the process of getting your D number, then you’ll only be able to purchase a prepaid plan.

The two major cell phone providers in Norway are Telenor and Telia, although there are several smaller and, in many cases, cheaper options as well.

Depending on where you come from, you may notice your mobile data is fast, like blazing fast. Norway has one of the best mobile data networks in the world.

Before making the move, be sure to check that your current mobile phone is unlocked. This will allow you to easily swap out the SIM card to a new provider of your choice.

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