Netflix and chill with a good VPN

In order to access certain shows on services such as Netflix and, in some cases, access certain websites back in your home country, you’ll need a VPN. That stands for virtual private network, and essentially it allows you to hide your current location while also spoofing your location. You are in some sense teleporting your internet connection to a different part of the world and routing your own traffic through that location. This also provides additional privacy to your online use because your internet provider can no longer see what websites you visit or services you use.

VPNs can be especially useful in Norway because many streaming services have a very limited catalog here. And as you might expect, much of the content is from the local market and in Norwegian. So, what happens if you want to binge watch all your favorite episodes of “Friends,” for example? That’s where the VPN comes in handy and allows you to “trick” Netflix into thinking you’re actually in the USA or another location with broadcast rights to the content you want to watch.

There are many providers of VPN services, but in my experience the best is NordVPN. It offers fast and reliable access at a great price. Scan the below QR code to get a special signup discount.

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