Go out in the sun, even if it’s winter

I’m fairly convinced the main reason some foreigners don’t last the first year of life in Norway is simply vitamin D deficiency. Yes, all the jokes about bad weather in Norway are probably true. We simply don’t get much sun here on top of the globe. That reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Norway: “I love the Norwegian summer, it’s the best day of year!”

Truth be told, a Norwegian summer is pretty nice. Sure, it doesn’t last as long as it does in other parts of the world, but nevertheless, there are many glorious and warm days all throughout July, at least in the lower half of Norway.

However, you’ll notice a funny thing happens when the sun does come out, even if the weather is still very cold outside. The Norwegians emerge and follow the sun much like a flower in bloom. They’ll sit outside cafes or on their patios in winter coats with only their faces exposed. They do this to soak up any ray of sunshine they can get, storing the precious sun energy much like a squirrel store nuts.

You should learn to do the same. Even an extra five minutes of sun on your face can make all the difference.

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