Getting your D-Number

Should you manage to successfully navigate UDI and obtain your resident permit, you’ll next be issued a D number. This is a temporary identification number given to expats. Norwegians citizens themselves use a national ID number for the same purposes as a D number.

Much like a Social Security number in the United States, the D number is your unique identification code. It’s used in many aspects of life in Norway such as obtaining a bank account, renting an apartment, and so on. It’s also used as part of your tax records.

Depending on your situation you might be issued either a D number (typically for stays of less than six months) or a national ID number (if you’re planning to stay longer).

Your D number consists of your birthday (written DD-MM-YY) followed by a code. This is a number you can freely give out when asked for and not something you need to protect or hide. Norway is a country of great transparency, so such information is shared freely.

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