Get your Norwegian tax card

Perhaps one of the most Norwegian things you can do is pay your taxes. Norwegians are happy and even proud to pay the high taxes found in Norway. This might be because as you live in Norway, you realize you “get a lot for your money” when it comes to taxes paid and your quality of life. You’ll never have to worry about healthcare, and if you hit a rough spot, the Norwegian government will help you get back on your feet. This is regardless of whether you’re a citizen or not. All tax-paying residents, including expats, get the same access.

The starting point on your Norwegian tax journey is what’s called the “tax card,” although in such a digital society it’s not a physical card any more. You look it up and manage it online.

You can find your tax card at Skatteetaten (the Norwegian Tax Administration). Here you can update your most recent information, and it will automatically determine your tax rate. When you’re employed in Norway the company will “pull your tax card” to determine taxes to withhold on payday.

If you’re new to Norway don’t forget to check this before starting work. If an employer is unable to get your tax card you’ll be taxed at the default rate of 50%.

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