Get koselig and light a candle, or two, or twenty

Some have said that work-life balance is difficult to achieve in the modern age. After all, we’re always just an email or Facebook notification away when needed. Norwegians, on the other hand, have done well to ensure they take ample time to shut off work and enjoy life. This usually takes the form of trips to the cabin, enjoying nature or simply getting cozy (known as koselig in Norwegian) at home with a nice book and the candles lit.

Norwegians are sure to get plenty of koselig time in their life. As a foreigner in Norway, you’re also entitled to the same time. Your Norwegian friends will expect you to have your personal cozy time and will think it’s strange if you don’t.

A key ingredient to koselig time involves candles. Lots of candles. If you’re moving to Norway for love, be prepared for your partner to have candles everywhere. You’ll be swimming in more wax than a Chapstick factory. It’s that bad.

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