Eat a Kvikk Lunsj on top of a mountain

“Take a hike!” Literally.

Not everybody actually does it, but everybody likes to give the impression they do it, and everybody at the very least talks about it. Norwegians love exercise!

When you go on a hike in Norway, and be prepared, you will go on a lot of damn hikes, there’s a bit of a tradition. When you get to the top of the mountain you take a break. Everyone catches their breath, and you enjoy the view. Next someone brings out something very important to the hike. The Kvikk Lunsj candy bar, which my fellow Americans will recognize as being like a KitKat bar.

You could say this is the iconic Norwegian chocolate for every hike. It’s especially necessary around Easter time when many Norwegians have time off and the weather is just starting to turn warmer. During this time of the year, you’ll also for some unknown reason eat an orange along with your Kvikk Lunsj at the top of the mountain. Perhaps both help to give you a little jolt of energy to make it back to the bottom.

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