Eat a Grandiosa pizza

The next Norway survival tip is for the truly desperate, those who have given up on hope or are just very, very broke. Being broke in Norway means you certainly can’t afford to go to a restaurant, even a bad one. You probably also can’t afford to get a bag of groceries. If this sounds at all familiar then you are probably a college student. In that case you might already know about the almighty Grandiosa pizza.

It’s the cheapest large frozen pizza you can get in Norway. It fills you up good, but at what cost?

The ingredients include some type of cardboard and what appears to have been a cheese-like product. It’s awful, and Norwegians can’t stop buying it. Grandiosa sells more than 25 million pizzas a year in a country that only has 5 million residents.

Still, when you’re desperate you’re desperate. Try to eat them only after 2 a.m. if possible.

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