So there you have it, many ideas for things to do to make living with Norwegians a little easier. Although if you managed to do even half the things mentioned in this book, I’m sure you would do just fine in Norway.

Truth be told, Norway is a lot like many other places. It is what you make of it. And as places where one can make it go, you certainly could do worse. All the peculiar things that come with living with Norwegians are perhaps not so important when one has such a nice place to live as Norway.

For the other foreigners out there in Norway, I get it. This is a country that is easy to fall in love with. Those Norwegians aren’t exactly bad looking either. Just know that it’s also a country that’s often hard to tell if it loves you back. You’ll need to earn that love, and it will take time. And lots of work. This struggle before the reward is the Norwegian way.

Norwegians themselves will want to change you or will want you to be more like them. I encourage you not to allow them to be entirely successful. While you’ll need adapt yourself while living with Norwegians, they could also benefit from your own culture I’m sure.

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